How to get rid of relocation services and low prices

A few days ago, out of the current dilemma, Harbin 50% moving company by way of deployed vehicles set up head office operation.   
Moving Association President Zhang Daqiu told reporters that the moving company of the newly established city cannibalize includes 32 moving company in Harbin more than 100 vehicles moving truck, representing Harbin move about half of the total number of vehicles, these vehicles will be dispatched, unity live, uniform pricing; these 32 moving companies also operate independently. It is understood that these 32 moving companies, moving companies, Harbin accounted for half of the total. According to people in the industry say, currently, Harbin moving service prices are among the lowest in the country. Zhang, who lives in Nangang district recently moved two houses, a kitchen with a piano, only cost 180 yuan, if he live in Beijing or Dalian, same moving prices will increase 4 times and 3 times, respectively. A moving company owner believes that Harbin most moving services company's long-term capital preservation, profit-and-loss between, half way of moving through the formation of the head office a few days ago, "merge" does not necessarily lead to relocation services prices immediately, but differentiation of moving services market will increase in the future, eventually moving company in Harbin the number may be reduced to the current 1/2.    
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