Toads survive collective relocation

On May 9, downtown on Dongfeng bridge in Taizhou city, Jiangsu Province, suddenly appeared out of the tens of thousands of small toads move. These little toads from old tongyang Canal climbed under the bridge, via a slope climbing the bridge. On the bridge, little toads move along the teeth becomes a mighty long way to the other end of the bridge climb, orderly, and spectacular. According to experts, the emergence of this phenomenon, mainly due to recent water anoxia, a large number of little toads to find new living space, only collective migration.  

"Toad called boom, every dip Valley.   Frog croaks, just kind of rice. " Toads and frogs are man's closest friends, not only in the spring and summer sang, forecast for farmers farming season on time, but also in the food chain to serve as "Saint Seiya" role, won the "beneficial insects," said. "Tank sweating Toad called, soon there will be heavy rain." Toad's every move was for thousands of years been fulfilled "weather forecast", but now their family migration is living waters affected by pollution and oxygen, in front of the polluted reality are everywhere, "escape from existence" where the Toad and to settle down? Who the hell is this embarrassment?  

May 5 new letters contain, "Beck has always been crystal clear in our village, now contaminated like that! "How Pier village of Xiqiao, Nanhai, Guangdong Province, told reporters as grief, last night at about 10 o'clock, usually DUN Chung villagers washed dishes to wash clothes due to the effects of improper sewage upstream factories, black stinking overnight, thousands of live fish night died suddenly, and environmental protection departments have been involved in the investigation. "Toads move" and fish die-off was the ballad "60 rice vegetables; 70 drinking water; 80 began to deteriorate; 90 shrimp as well as eye candy. "Now enter the 21st century a new era, only looked at" toads move "and frustrated?  

Here the need to relive the Engels's advice: "we are not indulging in our triumph of man over nature. For each such a triumph, nature to retaliate against us. "The diverse biological, including toad is the precious wealth shared by all humankind. Each species of extinct, predicts many species facing imminent death.   On Earth there are ten threats, river pollution among the top first, fewer and fewer water resources, endangering aquatic life and human health. To protect the toad is to protect ourselves, it's not just students ' composition in a wonderful phrase, when nature's "revenge" we repeatedly encountered an ecological disaster, pollution, pollution incidents, paid dearly when "toads move" would not just be a picture of a smiling on the network see pictures I have!   
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