Employed to move jiancaiqiyi

As people move, in the employer's home came in this year's ornament "trans-Jin Zhu", will think it is suggested that God himself diverted secretly pocketed, only to be in conflict with the law. Recently, a criminal suspect Wu Qingshun lindian County, Heilongjiang province, was the public prosecutor's Office to prosecute theft.   

On May 22, Wu Chuan Wu Qingshun employed for their move, when transporting beds, Wu Qingshun found a fall from bed drawer red cloth, Wu Ching-Shun picked secretly open after watching, gold is found you always wanted "trans"-there is a white gold bracelet.     
Are superstitious Wu Qingshun thinks this is the gift of God himself, cannot give up the change of their own destiny, "trans-Jin Zhu", and red cloth bag to carry in his pocket and calmly continued to Wu Chuan-move. Wu Chuan-red cloth bags and the inside of the bracelet and "trans-Pearl" was stolen, in the afternoon to find Wu Ching-Shun, but Wu Qingshun refused to acknowledge that stolen property. Wu Chuan-after the police, Wu Qingshun were subsequently captured.   
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