Moving market good faith crisis

A sign, a table, a telephone or simply advertise business out of thin air, this is a called a moving company.  

How to choose a moving company? Moving industry faces what is the problem? Recently, a reporter investigating moving companies in Shanghai.  

Phenomenon: the move damaged objects get into disputes  

Lady who lives in donghu district of Shanghai to move to new home in high-tech zone, on December 21, double happiness, a moving company to move, after moving to a new home, women found that family have appeared on top of the refrigerator door a long scratch. This scratch removal without prior, she thought it was caused during transportation, and the theory of moving companies, in the end, Dunkelman no evidence had to be dropped.  

Moving company there is a credibility crisis  

It is understood that currently moving companies seldom takes the initiative to sign their property contracts with employers. In the process of moving, furniture was damaged or lost customers sometimes take place. In most cases, when customers find that their furniture is damaged, the movers had left, move, the company claims, and a lack of evidence.  

Due to moving companies in handling in the process not standardized, making moving companies resident in the "word of mouth" is not good. "Find a moving company do more peace of mind, and speak from the heart and we are willing to spend the money. But now some of the moving company's practices raise concerns about. "Ever find a moving company to move small flood of emotion.  

"Find moved company, costs problem to consider, but total to two or three a people keep with, seems anti-thief as" in a media work of small Xu said, this year second half of she moved Shi, a Zhang skin stool of a feet was lane folding has, but other is no told, just with universal rubber and Red potion for has "processing", results half months Hou only found, and at claims has no said up has.  

Investigations: "black" moving company roiled markets  

These two days, journalists visited residents community in Shanghai found that playing the "moving" sign, "the black company" usually hide in the corner. Rd community, reporters saw a moving company's phone number, dial the call for information, personnel-moves the other side said, and a few specialized in the handling of vehicles, but when a reporter asked when an agreement to negotiate and conclude the company moving but was rejected.  

In Crescent road near Nanjing Road intersection, stayed for five or six small trucks, some hitting moving words. Heard that journalists should move, several drivers asked. A driver is, frankly, they usually find two porters need to move people with homes, parted ways after the finish. Porters can also be moved by the people who ask.  

According to insiders, it is this undocumented or composed of two or three people moving company, ripples through the entire moving market in Nanchang.  

Normal moving companies business side  

"Black" moving companies exist, to some extent influenced the development of normal moving company. Yesterday morning, the reporter interviewed several regular moving company, surprising is that some companies played a "sideline".  

In three wells road, Nanchang city, a moving company. Reporter noted that his Office was covered with housing sales and rental information. The head of the company, du said, this is the last-ditch move.  

One industry source said, according to move operational access conditions, the lowest registered net fixed assets of not less than 100,000 yuan. 20% per cent of average net fixed assets, liquidity, and business deposit of 20,000 yuan. And moving companies to have commensurate with the scale of production vehicles, tools, equipment and professionals. The production of these vehicles less than 2 units.  

Many small companies because business is slow, in order to save money, simply become a "shell company" – are not retained professional moving teams.  

Tags tips: contracts to avoid losses  

Reporters learned from the Association sector in Nanchang, a common type of move disputes: conventions for cars, is big, big money and receive time; less than a car, but to take a load of money; not according to time served, and breakage, loss and so on.  

To avoid disputes, and safeguarding their own interests are not compromised, the consumer association reminds consumers: hiring moving companies to choose the business license, good reputation and strength of the moving company; to avoid the telephone booking, best moving company in person should be consulted. To avoid losing items, consumers should check whether the items on the car there are omissions; signed note move time, place, simple move in the price of services contracts, especially for large precious commodities to indicate detailed price and quality when signing up. In the event of disputes, pay attention to leave evidence.  
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